This International Spring School is intended to provide doctoral students and young scholars with the opportunity to engage in some of the most recent discussions on philosophy of mind from a phenomenological perspective.

The Spring School will feature main lectures by invited speakers and a number of allocated slots for doctoral students to discuss their work and receive feedback on their research.

The Summer School will take place in the beautiful coastal town of Valparaíso, two-hours away from Santiago, on October 10th-October 12th 2018.


Keynote Speakers:

Dan Zahavi (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Shaun Gallagher (University of Memphis, US)

Maxime Doyon (University of Montreal, Canada)

Robson Ramos dos Reis (Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil)

Otto Dörr (University Diego Portales, Chile)

Glenda Satne (University A. Hurtado, Chile / University of Wollongong, Australia)

Bernardo Ainbinder (University Diego Portales, Chile)



Rodolfo Tomás Aldea – Alberto Hurtado University

Gautier Anselin – Institut Jean Nicod (ENS/EHESS

Xilenia Carreras – University of Cordoba

Ignacio Cea – Alberto Hurtado University

Cristián Martínez – Diego Portales University

Paulo Mendes Taddei – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Michael Mitchell – Deakin University

Zoe Sánchez – University of Cordoba

Neil Vallely – University of Otago

Abel Wajnerman Paz – Fondecyt-UAH-UBA