Spring School in Contemporary Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind
Valparaiso, 10-12th October 2018



Day 1: Phenomenology, Normativity and Perception.
October 10th 2018.

11.30-12 Registration

12-13.30 Multisensory Perception and Normativity (Maxime Doyon – University of Montreal).

13.30-14.45 Lunch

14.45-16.30 Contributed Talks

The Phenomenological Dreyfus (Paulo Mendes Taddei – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro).

The Challenge of Attention for Direct Realism (Gautier Anselin – Institut Jean Nicod (ENS/EHESS)).

Colour as an Essentially Manifest Property (Rodolfo Tomás Aldea – Alberto Hurtado University).

16.30-17 Coffee Break

17-18.30 Placing Intentional Agents in Nature (Bernardo Ainbinder – Diego Portales University).


Day 2: Phenomenology, Enactivism and Naturalism
October 11th 2018.

10-11.30 A Well-Trodden Path: From Phenomenology to Enactivism (Shaun Gallagher – University of Memphis).

 11.30-12 Coffee Break

 12-13.15 Contributed Talks

Experiential Subjectivity and Living Systems: Narrowing the Gap Between Nature and Consciousness (Ignacio Cea – Alberto Hurtado University).

Transcendentally Slippery: The Controversial Role of Transcendental Phenomenology in the Project of Naturalization  (Cristián Martínez – Diego Portales University).

13.15-14.45 Lunch

14.45-16 Contributed Talks

Access Consciousness as a Key to Understand Neural Coding in Non-Sensory Systems (Abel Wajnerman Paz – Fondecyt-UAH-UBA).

What is Inferentialism about Self-Knowledge? (Michael Mitchell – Deakin University).

 16.30-18 Enactivism and the Three Naturalisms: Strict, Liberal and Relaxed (Glenda Satne – Alberto Hurtado University / University of Wollongong).



Day 3: Phenomenology and the Empirical Sciences
October 12th 2018.

10-11.30 Phenomenology and Qualitative Research (Dan Zahavi – University of Copenhagen / University of Oxford).

11.30-12 Coffee Break

12-13.30 Phenomenology of Corporality in Anorexia Nervosa (Otto Dörr – Diego Portales University).

13.30-14.45 Lunch

14.45-16.30 Contributed Talks

Agency: Minimal Self and Narrative Self. A Discussion Based on Empirical Evidence in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) (Xilenia Carreras – University of Cordoba).

Re-thinking Place in the Age of Global Displacement: Lessons from Phenomenology (Neil Vallely – University of Otago).

Direct Social Perception of Emotions and Cognitive Penetrability of Perception (Zoe Sánchez – University of Cordoba).

16.30-18 Illness and Generality (Róbson Ramos dos Reis – Federal University of Santa Maria).